ORIC have published a spotlight article on the Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation and its achievements in recent years. You can view it here: http://www.oric.gov.au/publications/spotlight/preserving-history-and-culture

An excerpt is below:

“By anybody’s reckoning Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation (WNAC) in the Hunter Valley has been setting the pace with renewed purpose and vigour over the past few years.

Established 15 years ago the corporation’s main business has always been preserving the history and culture of the Wonnarua Nation, raising the health and education standards of its members, and seeking out opportunities for sustainable development.

‘But in late 2006 and throughout 2007 we went through a very unsettled period and were placed under special administration by the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations—we had some serious governance issues to sort through,’ says Laurie Perry, a former WNAC director who is currently the corporation’s CEO. ‘Yet, ever since we came out of special administration, we haven’t looked back. Today WNAC is a clear-sighted, energetic organisation achieving great things for our people.”


If you would like to read more, you can view the original article here.